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A Higher Vibration

This is a vertical 4 x 6 glass block with two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of the block is "A Higher Vibration". One painting suggests the last vestiges of winter and urges us to climb higher. The other painting seems to reveal the bright and cold light of early spring - a place where we can breathe in peace and beauty. Just as winter subtly transforms itself into spring, we can climb higher, until we blossom into a new and higher vibration.

A Higher Vibration

  • “The Higher I Climb, The More That I See” – Once I climbed trees and mountains, so that I could see more. Now my goal is a higher spiritual plane. Knowing that all matter vibrates, I imagine spirit vibrating at a higher level, a more noble and sacred frequency. I will add my spiritual song and create a greater harmony. I will be higher.  

    “I Breath In Peace And Beauty” – When I ascend to a higher spiritual vibration, the air is different. More rarified and pure. I breathe in peace and breathe out love. I breathe in beauty and breathe out joy. I am surrounded by harmony, and silence.

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