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One side of this 7x5 horizontal glass block shows the unsettling, chaotic face of change. In time these alien forms will become familiar, even cute and humorous. The other side shows the dreamy side of challenge - the opportunity to discover new possibilities in yourself. The contrast between the two paintings will guide you to think about change in your own life.


  • "All Is Changing And All Is Good" - Sometimes changes in my life appear confusing, or even threatening. I go within to assess the real nature of these changes. In what ways do they affirm life? In what ways do they negate it?  I contemplate the following principle: In time, life-negating change loses its energy and disappears; life-affirming change persists and flourishes. Change is something I can trust.

    “I Know Every Challenge Is An Opportunity” - A challenge, or problem, may frighten me. It may seem unfair. Looking for opportunities within the challenge encourages me to move past feelings of being a victim. It helps me feel empowered, make choices, and act. Sometimes the opportunities surprise me. I discover unforeseen possibilities for enriching my life, even if the challenge never goes away.

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