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Look To The Future

This 7x5 horizontal block is in full bloom, with floating flowers and zany ferns. Look at these paintings every day and you will be reminded that you are filled with amazing potential, just like a seed. And like a seed, you will grow naturally into your future.

Look To The Future

  • "Look Forward To What's Coming Next" - Like a flower, I reach for the sunlight. Like leaves on a stem, new opportunities appear. Like buds becoming flowers, my plans blossom. Growing is a forward process, and my future is bright.

    "Love Is All There Is" - What if seeds exploded like fireworks, painting the sky with flowers? What if a fern wrapped its feathery arms around me and whispered “Let’s sway in the breeze”? Love is a seed like that – spreading beauty and oneness. Everything I create contains a seed of love. Everything I create can ignite love in someone passing by.

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