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This 4x6 vertical glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of the block is  awareness. Shapes and colors flow into one another, while unpredictable black lines shape and connect them; just as ideas and experiences flow together in your awareness, and are shaped and connected by your sense of self.


  • "I Am Blessed" - Gratitude is a state of awareness. Whenever I think of something to be thankful for, it leads me to another thought, and then another. I realize I am gently held in a web of support.   I am aware that my blessings have no end.

    "I See Beauty All Around" - I expect to find beauty every day: in a sunrise, a flower, the face of a child, or a thousand other places. I intend to wait patiently for beauty to show up. And when it appears I will revel in my feelings, whether surprise, awe, or delight. Then I will let beauty go, not hold it tight and try to possess it. I know everything is beautiful, in its day and in its way, when I am aware that Creative Spirit is present.

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