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This 7x5 horizontal glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The paintings draw you into a striking world of blue and purple. Ethereal and mysterious, they guide you to think about connections between your dreams and your willingness to take risks.


  • "Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams" - I imagine a dream of blue and purple. Flowers I've never seen and landscapes I've never known. I know dreams well up from my deepest wishes and descend from my highest thoughts. I will believe in them and watch their beauty grow.

    "Try A Path Less Traveled" -  Dreams beckon me to new places. The path may seem slippery and the skies threatening. But I am not alone. The spirits of my ancestors, who traveled new paths and built this world, are with me. Like them, I choose to discover and create, for I know that is the human condition and adventure.

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