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This vertical 4 x 6 glass block comes with two paintings and affirmations. The theme of the block is :"Choice", These paintings provide a contrast in color: cool, refreshing turquoise versus warm, vibrant yellow. Each side may suggest to you a different season, a different feeling, a different path.  Despite their differences, the paintings are tied together by splashes of red and orange - the power for good that is present in every choice.


  • “I Am Aligned With The Power For Good In The Universe” – I know there is a Power for Good in the universe. I see it every day in the good will of other people. I recognize it in the creative impulses all around me. I feel it in moments of joy and higher vibration. I have a choice. I can consciously align myself with this power and open myself to it. Today I choose to turn my spirit toward the Power for Good.  

    “God Is Love And I Am Love” –  God, the Source of everything, is present in me. The qualities of God are present in me, and the highest and best of these is love. Love in all its shades and nuances: kindness and gentleness, compassion and mercy, acceptance and respect, nurturance, generosity, and forgiveness. Today I choose to express love in any and every way I can.

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