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Four Sisters

This Original is a 16 x 20 Acrylic Painting on a 1.5" deep canvas, with a contemporary wooden frame.


Acrylic, Metal, and Canvas Prints are available:

   Acrylic Print: 16x20 image on 3/16th" Acrylic, Back-Mount - $215.00 

   Metal Print: 16x20 image on Satin White Metal, Back-Mount - $180.00 

   Canvas Print With Frame: 16x20 image, 1.5"-deep, Black Floating Frame, Ready-To-Hang - $220.00

   Canvas Print Without Frame: 16x20 image, 1.5"-deep, Wrap-Around Canvas, Ready-To-Hang - $125.00


Fine Art Paper Prints are also available: 16x20 Giclee Print (12x16 image with a 2" white border) - $50.00.


Other sizes of prints are possible. Email or call Connie Adcock for more information: - 512 365-4710.

Four Sisters

  • Four peas in a pod, dressed in matching clothes,

    Expectant glances, quiet giggles,

    Today - they are on their own.

    A big adventure.


    Relaxed and happy, 

    A wall of sisters kneeling together,

    Looking together.

    A solid wall of sisterhood,

    So similar, but not the same.


    Sisters with black hair and brown faces,

    Inquisitive, intelligent faces,

    Ready to grow up, ready to go out

    Into that big, big world.

    A family of sisters, a simple scene,

    But four sisters can never be simple.

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