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Go Within

This 7x5 horizontal glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of the block is Go Within. Both paintings symbolize the serene beauty of your inner spirit. Their bright colors are softened with a back-lighting effect, depicting a passionate and vibrant spirit that is suffused with the light of wisdom.

Go Within

  • ”I Go Within To Discover Who I Am” - When the jobs and distractions of the outside world claim too much attention, I take time for a break and go within. I wait patiently. I go deeper and deeper. The spiritual insights that lie within me transform my thoughts and feelings. This is the real me.

    “The Light Within Me Is Understanding And Wisdom” 
    The light within me is my innate spirituality, my highest self. My highest self is loving, joyful, and peaceful. I let the light of this highest self illuminate my mind; and my thoughts become clear, compassionate, and wise.

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