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You And Your Potential

This 7x5 horizontal glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme is You And Your Potential. One painting shows a row of familiar flowers, while the other shows strange flowers with a magical aura. This contrast encourages you to look for connections between the two paintings and between the two affirmations. Do you feel like an ordinary flower some days, and an exotic one on other days?   Could it be that the affirmation "never, never, never give up", can help you appreciate the affirmation "my  potential is infinite"?

You And Your Potential

  • “My Potential Is Infinite” - I realize my potential one step at a time. Can I love more deeply today? Can I learn something new? Can I see the face of God in more people I meet? Can I listen better to those who disagree with me? There is always room for me to grow, because my potential is infinite. 

    “Never, Never, Never Give Up” - If I make a mistake, I am gentle in my self-judgment. If I fall short of a goal, I forgive myself. If I try something new and fail, I learn from the past and let it go. And I remember to never, never, never give up…….. on myself.

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