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               ORIGINAL SOLD, but prints are available:


Acrylic, Metal, and Canvas Prints: 

   Acrylic Print: 20x16 image on 3/16th" Acrylic, Back Mount - $215.00

   Metal Print: 20x16 image on Satin White Metal, Back Mount - $180.00 

   Canvas Print With Frame: 20x16 image, 1.5 inch-deep Floating Black Frame, Ready-To-Hang - $220.00

   Canvas Print Without Frame: 20x16 image, 1.5"-deep, Wrap-Around Canvas, Ready-To-Hang - $125.00


Fine Art Paper Prints are also available: 20x16 Giclee Print (16x12 image with a 2" white border) - $50.00


Other sizes of prints are possible. Email or call Connie Adcock for more information: - 512 365-4710.



  • What is emerging here,

    Flowing up from deep within the earth?

    The creative heat of molten rock,

    The life-sustaining flow of water,

    Green nutrients for plants and animals.

    The Source for everything.

    Our world is truly sacred.

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