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Joy And Love

This 7x5 horizontal glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of the block is Joy And Love. These paintings demand your attention. The bold colors and abstract designs stand out in any setting. Display this block where you can share its provocative energy with your family and friends.

Joy And Love

  • "Joy" -  Happiness is a good feeling that warms my heart and tingles through my body. Joy comes from a deeper source. It feels peaceful, and very powerful. Joy is always available because it flows from an internal source – that I am made in God’s image. I am receptive to my divine essence, and I am joyful.

    "Love" - I know life begins with self-love. Today I aspire to love others as I love myself. Spirit, the source of everything, offers me an infinite ability to love. I open my heart and accept this power. To love and to be loved is my natural state.

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