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This Original is a 20 x 20 Acrylic Painting on a 1.5" deep, wrap-around canvas, with a contemporary frame.           


Acrylic, Metal, and Canvas Prints are also available:

   Acrylic Print: 16x16 image on 3/16th" Acrylic, Back-Mount - $180.00

   Metal Print: 16x16 image on Satin White Metal, Back-Mount - $150.00

   Canvas Print With Frame: 16x16 image, 1.5"-deep Black Floating Frame, Ready-To-Hang - $180.00

   Canvas Print Without Frame: 16x16 image, 1.5"-deep Wrap-Around Canvas, Ready-To-Hang - $100.00


Fine Art Paper Prints are available: 16x16 Giclee Print (13x13 image with a 1.5" white border) - $50.00


Other sizes of prints are possible. Email or call Connie Adcock for more information: - 512 365-4710.



  • At first glance,

    A landscape of sorts.

    At least blue sky above,

    And a scattering of clouds.

    Low-lying mountains

    With snow-capped peaks

    Behind the clouds.

    A restful scene.

    But wait!

    There’s all that restless orange and yellow,

    Bold and bright,

    Spreading and dripping.

    And is that green steam

    Rising from the molten mass?

    Perhaps this landscape is a message,

    A warning of impending doom.

    More likely it’s just Nature’s

    Sleight of hand.

    A delightful and mysterious


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