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This vertical 4 x 6 glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of the block is Oneness. Imagine waking up every morning to the beauty and energy of spirals. The simple shapes and soft colors of these paintings will stay with you all day. reassuring you that harmony and order is in your life.


  • "Together We Are Deeply One" - I am spirit at the deepest level of my being. My spirit is one with the field of energy that constantly creates and animates the universe. My spirit is enfolded in the blanket of love that covers all creation. My spirit is part of the Universal Mind that transforms consciousness into thought. Together with all other beings, I am one with God. 

    “I Am Overflowing With Joy” - I am like the children I see at play. I am like the neighbors I see going to work. I am like the clerks I see at the store. Each time I find of a common thread, the tapestry of Oneness that surrounds me comes into sharper focus, and I overflow with joy. I know that being aware of Oneness expresses as joy.


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