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Spiritual Health And Energy

This 4 x 6 vertical glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme is Spiritual Health And Energy. Contemplate the paintings in your imagination, and you will find spiritual rejuvenation. Is it in the sky with its fast-moving clouds? Is it in the water with its ever-changing colors? Is it in the refreshing wind? It is in the spiritual peace that all these imaginary sensations can awaken.

Spiritual Health And Energy

  • “I have strength in my heart and clarity in my mind” 
    I cultivate a lifestyle that promotes spiritual health. I practice sitting with stillness and emptying my mind. I look for opportunities to commune with nature. I take time to focus my attention on how I am breathing. I consciously slow down the tempo of my life. These habits strengthen my spiritual heart and clarify my spiritual thinking. I know there are others that I will discover.

    "I Add Positive Thoughts To The Collective Consciousness”
    What I say and do becomes part of the collective consciousness. It is a mystery how the thoughts of everyone interact with each other and with the mind of God. But I know this process has a powerful influence on me and those around me. I intend to use my spiritual energy to build a collective consciousness that is healthy and positive.

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