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Teasing the Tourists

                  ORIGINAL SOLD, but prints are available:


Acrylic, Metal, and Canvas Prints:

   Acrylic Print: 16x16 image on 3/16th" Acrylic, Back-Mount - $180.00

   Metal Print: 16x16 image on Satin White Metal, Back-Mount - $150.00

   Canvas Print With Frame: 16x16 image, 1.5"-deep, Black Floating Frame, Ready-To-Hang - $180.00

   Canvas Print Without Frame: 16x16 image, 1.5"-deep, Wrap-Around Canvas, Ready-To-Hang - $100.00 


Fine Art Paper Prints are also available: 16x16 Giclee Print (13x13 image with a 1.5" white border) - $50.00


Other sizes of prints are possible. Email or call Connie Adcock for more information: - 512 365-4710.


Teasing the Tourists

  • Another coffee?

    Another beer?

    Two glasses of red wine?

    Make up your mind, please.

    American tourists in Paris,

    They’re so much fun

    On a lazy afternoon.

    They’ve got stars in their eyes,

    Visiting an outdoor café,

    Just like a real Parisian.

    So let’s give them

    Something to talk about

    When they get back home to Texas.

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