Carlsbad Cavern

                        ORIGINAL SOLD, but prints are available:


      16x20 Giclee Fine Art Paper Print (12x16 image with a 2" white border) - $50.00

      18x24 Giclee Fine Art Paper Print (14x20 image with a 2" white border) - $75.00


Carlsbad Cavern

  • In the dim light

    I see limestone rocks

    Frozen in scenes.

    They stare back,

    Quiet and reserved,

    Familiar but bizarre,

    Their secrets locked inside.

    And then,

    When I look again,

    I see their spirits

    In the underground sky.

    Flames lick up,

    Molten rain drips down,

    While the peace and calm

    Of blue and green

    Spreads throughout the cave.

    It’s beautiful and spookiful

    It’s fantastical,

    It’s geological.

  • Other sizes of Giclee Prints or Canvas Prints are available. Email or call Connie Adcock for more information: - 512 365-4710.


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