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The Law Of Attraction

This 4x6 vertical glass block includes two painting and two affirmations. The theme of this block is The Law Of Attraction. These paintings invite you to relax in the dreamy atmosphere of a sunny, summer afternoon. Through half-closed eyes you see dragonflies and lilies, and in your heart you know that all is well. Spirit is active in the world, and the Law of Attraction is available to you. By using it you can attract the highest and best in your life.

The Law Of Attraction

  • “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Reality” – On the spiritual level I know my thinking creates my reality. If I think I am blessed, I find blessings everywhere. If I think I am full of love, I find many opportunities to express this love. If I think I am creative, I find evidence of my creativity. Today I will focus on affirming a spiritual quality that I want to manifest, and I know it will become a reality. 

    “Realize The Possibilities” - I can use the Law of Attraction to realize more abundance in my life. I start by clarifying what I want to attract. Then I adjust all my thoughts and prayers to align with these goals. I refuse to allow myself to be distracted or discouraged by negative thoughts. I know that the process of realization has already begun, and I am ready to take advantage of all opportunities.

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