The Power Of Thought

This 4x6 vertical glass block includes two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of the block is The Power Of Thought. These paintings are a study in purple. Their powerful color can inspire you to think about your mind's power to change reality. Put this block in a place where you can absorb the energy of the paintings and contemplate the power of your mind.

The Power Of Thought

  • “My Mind Is Open And Receptive” – When I am in the moment, I observe new details, and I hear new ideas. When I focus my analytic skills on fresh observations, I see new patterns. When I wait to judge, using new patterns rather than old ones, my judgments are more balanced and useful. I know my mind is God-given. And I know it works best when it is open and receptive.   

    “Make It Happen” – I have a powerful, spiritual mind. I use spiritual practices like meditation and prayer to change my inner reality, to create more love and joy in my life. I use affirmative thoughts to attract blessings and abundance to my life. Today I will use my mind to lift the world to a higher plane, and to support the highest and best for everyone.  


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