This original is a 30x30 acrylic painting on 1.5" deep, wrap-around canvas, with a contemporary frame.


                                                        Prints are also available

    16x16 Giclee Fine Art Paper Print(13x13 image with a 1.5" white border) - $50.00

    24x24 Giclee Fine Art Paper Print (18x18 image with a 3" white border) - $80.00



  • Turning and turning, 

    With my arms outstretched,

    I’m spinning like a top.

    I’m sending out circles of color and joy

    With a great, big smile on my face.

    Who would have thought

    This would happen to me?

    So unexpected!

    Yes, so very unexpected!

  • Other sizes of Giclee Prints or Canvas Prints are available. Email or call Connie Adcock for more information: cadcocktx@gmail.com - 512 365-4710.


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