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This is a vertical 4 x 6 glass block with two paintings and two affirmations. The theme of this block is "Vision", and your eyes  will be drawn to the vivid colors in the paintings. Look at the flowing lines with soft eyes, and your vision is refreshed. Look at the details with hard eyes, and your vision is sharpened. Contemplate the affirmations, and your understanding of vision will be deepened.


  • “I See A World That Works For Everyone” - Spiritual leaders from every era have shared the same vision: love your neighbor as yourself. In my mind’s eye, I picture how the world will change when everyone believes in this vision. I can start by putting myself in the shoes of another person. All I have to do is imagine.

    “I See The Face Of God In Everyone I Meet” - When I look at a person face to face, there is an immediate connection. The other person smiles, and I smile. The other person cries, and I feel sad. When I look again, I feel a sense of intimacy, a Oneness with that person. Oneness is the Face of God. All I have to do is look.  


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